Art & Sculptures
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Art & Sculptures

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Introducing the Art of Wildbrumby


Painting, sculpture & spirit

Welcome to Wildbrumby Distillery, Sculpture Garden and artistic residence.


The artisanal focus of Wildbrumby extends beyond schnapps and spirits as the property is the site and spark for paintings, sculpture and creativity.


Owners Brad and Monika Spalding actively foster and collaborate with artists and have hosted artist residencies here at Wildbrumby, and at the Knickerbocker and Arthaus in Thredbo. Many of the works in the sculpture garden are the fruits of these residencies.


As an artist himself, Brad Spalding (a.k.a. “Spalding”) has made art central to the spirit and workings of Wildbrumby. Splading is a painter and sculptor (as well as a distiller) and as you wander throughout the restaurant and sculpture garden you will see many works by him which engage with the alpine landscapes of the Snowy Mountains.


Contemplative themes on the natural world and environmental sustainability thread throughout the Wildbrumby collection, as many of the works prompt us to look more closely at the world around us and appreciate the beauty, strength and fragility of the landscape. Many of the sculptures repurpose natural or discarded materials and natural, ground mineral pigments.


A green sensibility is central to the Wildbrumby ethos, and the property is run using sustainable practices. Brad and Monika used recycled and local materials, including repurposed bridge timbers, to build the restaurant, distillery and house on the property, and solar panels keep the electrics running and the lights on. After returning to the Snowy Mountains from Monika’s homeland of Austria, Brad and Monika wanted to help the arts flourish in the Australian mountains by building a creative space. Wildbrumby is a place to relax, enjoy and inspire; a place of people, art and spirit. Not curated, just created.


So please, explore and enjoy! Roll down the hill after the Orbs, listen to the rattle of Yellow’s carbon fibre reeds, cuddle a Buisman rock and sit and contemplate with the Pink Lady. Visit the Child Friendly, Easy Access Sculptures with all the family and venture to the Out of Bounds, Beyond the Fence works. Go for a wander and enjoy!


Our Gallery below displays some of our latest installations, sculptures and artwork.


Spalding Artwork

Australian Powder / Oil on Linen / 300x300mm Australian Powder Black Cocky / Oil on Linen / 300x300mm Black Cocky Cootapatamba Lake / Oil on Linen / 1220x1525mm Cootapatamba Lake
Cow Blue / Oil on Linen / 1900x2900mm Cow Blue Crackenback Range / Oil on linen / 1525x1220mm Crackenback Range Gang / Oil on Linen / 300x300mm Gang
Gang-Gang Gang / Oil on Linen / 300x300mm Gang-Gang Gang Guthega / Oil on Linen / 1060x2020mm Guthega Kosciusko / Oil on Linen / 1370x1980mm Kosciusko
Ramshead Range North / Oil on linen / 1900x2900mm Ramshead Range North Sou Wester / Oil on Linen / 1020x1020mm Sou Wester Stanley's Gorge / Oil on Linen / 1525x1220mm Stanley's Gorge
Woollongdibby / Oil on Linen / 920x1220mm Woollongdibby    

Featured Artists

Big plastic horse & cow bells Billy buttons / Spalding Billy buttons Australia Blue Trees / Konstantin Dimopoulos bluetree
Bowerbird Nest / Patti Keenan Bowerbird Nest Australia Drystack / Spalding Drystack Australian Wedge-tailed Eagles / Steve Finmore eagles
Flies / Steve Croquett flies Australia Ice on Road / Spalding iceonroad Loserbago / Spalding Loserbago
Orbs / Richard Moffatt Orbs Australia Pears / Jane Murdoch pears sculpture-walk_5
Thistles / Steve Croquett Thistles Tribute to Rosalie Gascoigne / Spalding Tribute to Rosalie Gascoigne Australia Yellow / Konstantin Dimopoulos Yellow