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Navy Strength GIn (700ml)


Wildbrumby's 'Stallion' is a high spirited navy-strength, contemporary Australian gin.

It blends juniper and wild mountain pepper berry with a buccaneer's booty of black tea, ginger, and orchard-grown citrus to create a perfectly balanced navy-strength spirit (57%). 

This bold infusion is then tamed in our small batch pot still 'Florence' to create a smooth and spicy addition to the expanding range of wildbrumby gin.

Our mariner's blend was crafted for gin connoisseurs in search of a strong, flavourful spirit.

Subtle notes of cassia coalesce with more dominant juniper and citrus picked from the family orchard to deliver a punchy pallet of flavours.

A smooth, viscous 'oiliness' rounds out the spicy spirit of this exceptional gin, further enhanced by the purity, alkalinity and mineral trace elements of the natural alpine spring water used in the distilling process. 

In a perfect pairing with tonic, our 'Stallion' gin delivers a finely tuned balance of botanicals, with a stunningly sophisticated finish that can be enjoyed neat, or paired with mixers of choice.