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Butterscotch 500ml edited

Butterscotch (500ml)


Well balanced spirit, smoothly capturing the sweetness of butterscotch 18.2%



I am the tasty “good times”, typically aussie schnapps. The party goer, the sweet and tasty one, with a bit of a wide side. Please don’t confuse me with those other butterscotch memories – I am perfectly sweet but not too sweet.


Put me in your favourite hot drink, on your ice-cream, with baileys for a perfect cowboy or simply sip me alone (or with friends).


Please keep me in a cool place. If I get too hot, I might not be as intensely flavoured as I was when I was first bottled.


Do drink me enthusiastically, but only in moderation (I am sure you are sweet enough). Not suitable for extended bottle maturation.


SKU: BSH500.