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Rubus Patch Gin (700ml)


A delicious variation on the classic wildbrumby gin, our 'rubus patch' is blended with organically home-grown raspberries, and balanced with an aromatic pallet of citrus and juniper.


Its dynamic berry nose harmonises with gentler notes of rose, cardamom, coriander and mountain pepper berry, never upstaging the citrus-juniper foundations.


By adding produce from our garden to high quality gin and pH-balanced alpine water, wildbrumby has produced a very special seasonal drink.


The perfectly rounded 'mouthfeel' or structure is the product of purity, alkalinity and mineral trace elements of the natural alpine spring water used in the distilling process.


Pairing sensationally with tonic, this year's Rubus Patch is an ideal selection for those keen to stretch the aromatic boundaries of classic gin.


It delivers a complex, yet smooth floral finish that can be enjoyed neat, or paired with your mixer of choice.