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Our Gin Story

How did a little Snowy Mountains distillery end up making a world-class gin? Is there something in the water, or is it just the way we do things here at the wildbrumby distillery, blending art and science to create an ultra-smooth gin that completely satisfies the palate.


We think it might be a little bit of both.


We’ve woven years of distilling experience into the task of creating unique and contemporary Australian gins that bring something very fresh and original to this category of spirits.


Blended with pH-balanced mountain spring water, our wildbrumby gin has a strong alkaline profile with unique mineral trace elements that soften and completely round its effect on the palate.

Then there is the care we take in selecting and balancing our juniper and native botanicals, such as the mountain pepper berry that grows wild in the snowy mountains, with organic citrus fruit from the family orchard.


This contemporary blend of Australian botanicals is distilled in the traditional 'London' style along with high-quality spirit in our small batch pot still.


The result is an exceptionally satisfying gin with that elusive 'mouthfeel' that really stands out in the glass, which may well account for the gold medal we recently won at the 2016 Melbourne International Spirits Competition.

In 2017 we launched our seasonal ‘Rubus Patch’ raspberry-infused gin which also claimed gold at the Melbourne International Spirits Competition and we have since added ‘Stallion’ gin to our growing stable of spirits.


This contemporary Australian gin blends juniper and wild mountain pepper berry with a buccaneer’s booty of black tea, ginger, and orchard-grown citrus to create a perfectly balanced navy-strength spirit (57%).


This high-spirited infusion is then tamed in our small batch pot still ‘Florence’ to create a smooth and spicy addition to the expanding range of wildbrumby gin.

How it all began

Wildbrumby has been in the spirits business for well over a decade, and was one of the first craft distilleries established in Australia.


Although gin holds a very special place in Snowy Mountains history, our own story actually begins with schnapps – that quintessential tipple from the Alpine region of Europe. Schnapps distilleries are native to the European Alps, where the winters proved too cold for traditional wine production.


It was in the Austrian village of Kitzbühl that Wildbrumby founder and distiller, Brad Spalding, met his future wife, Monika, whose grandfather distilled schnapps on his mountain farm.

Enchanted by this rich distilling heritage, Brad studied the traditional methods and then set out to introduce authentic schnapps to Australia's Snowy region.


With its pure mountain water and rolling green hills, he judged the breath-taking Thredbo Valley the most fitting location to deliver home-grown schnapps to Australian alpine enthusiasts pining for a taste of European culture.


Faithfully following traditional methods developed over many centuries, he proudly rolled out 40% ABV Raspberry and Pear William schnapps.

Exclusive access to home-grown organic fruit and botanicals became the inspiration behind a brand new line of liqueur schnapps, creating an almost instant hit among skiers and other visitors to the Snowy region.


Combining this distilling know-how with an almost-obsessive focus on the provenance and flavour of core ingredients meant the foundations were finally in place to bring wildbrumby gin into the world.


So here it is. Sip. Savour. Enjoy.

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